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Sally Evans

Vineyard Owner

marker Region SAILLANS, Frankreich
language english, Training courses available in french

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After a career in education and marketing, I have pursued my passion for wine by creating “Château George 7” - a new boutique winery in Fronsac on the Right Bank. Dedicated to quality, the inaugural vintage was selected as a Hot50 Bordeaux winner and gained 94 points at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2020. I have a spacious tasting room at the heart of the vineyard where I welcome a wide range of students of all levels from beginners to wine professionals. Here I hold tastings, workshops and classes in English and French combining theory and practice for a real-world wine learning experience. I draw on my career in training and communications to make learning sessions relevant and fun as you discover all aspects of the Bordeaux region, winemaking, wine tasting techniques and the pairing of food and wine. I have a particular interest in Sustainability and enjoy sharing and debating the practicalities of making wine sustainably from the plant to the final product. For more information: www.chateaugeorge7.com.


Verschenken Sie ein „Vins de Bordeaux“-Erlebnis in Bordeaux!
Ob Einführungen in die Verkostung, unterhaltsame Workshops, Kombination von Wein und Speisen oder Perfektionierungskurse, damit machen Sie garantiert eine Freude!

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