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Yanhua (Jack) Yang

COFCO Chief Wine & Spirits Educator

marker Region Beijing, China
language chinese, Training courses available in english, french

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Hi, all you Bordeaux wine lovers! This is Jack Yang from Beijing, here is some infos about me. I was majoring in French language and culture with a bachelor degree during college time in China,and then I chose to went for France to follow the master degree and also for the purpose of pursuing a further life experience “à la française, it was during that moment that I found a life-long bondingness between the wine and myself. When I return to China in the year of 2008, I immediately begun to work for COFCO wines in the imported wines department. From being a salesman to working in marketing, then branding and then purchasing department, my career life was indeed full of turning and experiences,but the love of wine hasn‘t change a bit. Therefore in 2012 I took a serious decision of dedicating myself in wine education, and my very first wine educator accreditation was issued by Bordeaux Ecole du Vin in the same year!Now I am a chief wine educator in COFCO, and also WSET nominated educator and also ISG sommelier nominated educator for all levels. But Bordeaux and its wines should always be my inspiration and I hope I can share this love with Bordeaux wine lovers from all the world, right here in our amazing Bordeaux wine courses


Verschenken Sie ein „Vins de Bordeaux“-Erlebnis in Bordeaux!
Ob Einführungen in die Verkostung, unterhaltsame Workshops, Kombination von Wein und Speisen oder Perfektionierungskurse, damit machen Sie garantiert eine Freude!

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