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Thiago Mendes

Head of Wine Education

marker Region São Paulo, Brasilien
language portuguese, Training courses available in english, spanish

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I am the co-founder of Eno Cultura and the first Ambassador of one of the most influential wine competitions, the International Wine Challenge. I strive to bring international recognition to the Brazilian market with the mission to educate consumers and train industry professionals in the art of wine appreciation. I have transformed my ten years of living in London, where I began my wine career and my WSET Diploma qualification into the creation of Eno Cultura, the recognized wine education institution of Brazil. Founded in 2013, with the clear objective of equalizing wine culture, always in a democratic and pleasurable way, Enocultura is responsible for educating, raising awareness, and expanding knowledge. European expertise and Brazilian passion transformed a huge national paradigm and proved in just five years of Eno Cultura's founding that Brazilians could learn about wine! Awards won by Eno Cultura: After a unanimous panel decision, WSET named Eno Cultura Educator of the Year for 2017, highlighting outstanding social projects and incredible growth in the face of a challenging economic scenario. In 2020, Eno Cultura received the French Wine Scholar Provider of the Year. Learning about wine does not need to be elitist; we make it fun and accessible for everyone!


Verschenken Sie ein „Vins de Bordeaux“-Erlebnis in Bordeaux!
Ob Einführungen in die Verkostung, unterhaltsame Workshops, Kombination von Wein und Speisen oder Perfektionierungskurse, damit machen Sie garantiert eine Freude!

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