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Stephen Mack

Chief Executive Officer & Principal Wine Educator

marker Regio Hong Kong, China - Hongkong
language english, Training courses available in chinese

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In the early 1990s, Mack and his wife Jennie started organizing wine-tasting sessions, held in restaurants and clubs. Word of mouth and media coverage helped news of these sessions spread throughout the city, prompting the couple to set up AWSEC in 1994. Stephen Mack is the world’s only fluent Cantonese-speaking Caucasian wine, sake and spirits expert. This move into full-time professional wine education was an immediate hit, and the Macks have been invited to lecture on the subject around the world, including on cruise ships. Wine is an endlessly fascinating area of study. It has a long history and there is great complexity in the grape varieties, blends and growing techniques seen in different terrain around the world. Besides being an interesting topic in itself, knowing about wine also greatly enhances the experience of drinking it. And the opportunity to savour a wide range of wines no doubt adds to the appeal of learning more about the subject.


Geef een “Bordeauxwijnen”-ervaring in Bordeaux cadeau!
Inleiding in het proeven, ludieke workshops, combinatie wijnen en gerechten, cursussen voor gevorderden... U weet zeker dat u de ander plezier doet!

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