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Cynthia Ribeiro-Richter

Founder & Director of Education

marker Région de Heidelberg, Allemagne
language english, Training courses available in german, portuguese, english, spanish


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Cynthia Ribeiro-Richter is a wine educator and founder of Grape Skills Wine Education ih Heidelberg, Germany. At Grape Skills, Cynthia is responsible for the school management, the WSET courses and development of diverse educational contents. She holds the WSET Diploma and is also a WSET Certified Educator. Besides teaching at her own school, Cynthia teaches in other universities and serves as a judge in international wine competitions. Before turning her passion for wine into a career, she studied statistics, an MBA in marketing and specialised in consumer and market research. Since 2021, she has been a student by the Institute of Masters of Wine. In 2022, after becoming a Bordeaux Educator, Cynthia is very excited to bring more people to learn about the region and its beautiful terroir and diverse wine styles.

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