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Benoit Trocard

Technical Director

marker Région de Mazères, France
language french, Training courses available in english, spanish

Formateur accrédité depuis 2007


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Drawn on a page, of a man of many facets, of a a man who only his passion leads, it is a bit like trying to grasp with a single fragrance all the diversity of the great wines of bordeaux. But let us not lose ourselves in this palette of aromatic nuances and let's draw the figure of this character out of the common. Benoît TROCARD is a man who invests and who invests without counting with strength and conviction. Raised in SAILLANS, in the most for family Wines Traditions, by parents guaranteeing heritage of their ancestors, he knows intimately that his life will be imprint in the middle of the wine His diploma of technician in pocket, he takes over the family domain, in the heart of the Straits, Château BARBEY, fruit of its early years inside the vineyard, true success , now sold in France and Switzerland. A representative of the eleven generation, of a totalizing family more than ten castles in bordelais, the wines he produces always receive a warm welcome from his customers. Then he turns into a tower, Technical Manager in a Bodega in Chile, Director of wine heritage France on behalf of a Danish group, president of the most PRESTIGIOUS degustation de la region bordelaise, trainer for the wine school bordeaux wines, collector of great wines from all over the world... epicurean Mr. TROCARD ? Yes, just in his place.

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