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Alexandra Sauvarin

Wine Tutor

marker Région de CASTELNAU DU MEDOC, France
language français, Training courses available in anglais

Formateur accrédité depuis 2015

Dégustation Wine tourism Accords mets & vins Développement durable Production - Techniques


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Born in the Loire Valley in a family of wine growers, I have been lucky to observe and learn the job with my father. Very sensitive to the environmental issues, I live and work close to the vineyard. I have spent my entire career in the world of wine (off-trade, wine brokers, prestigious estate of the Bordeaux Appellation, Grands Crus). I have always had the wine industry in mind all through my studies. I am happy to share these fantastic experiences and knowledge with audiences from all over the world. I am consistently keeping up to date with what is going on in the wine world through. I have tasted countless wines from everywhere yet managed to run three Médoc marathons… How my wine workshop can help you? Whether you are looking to discover the wine culture, to improve your vocabulary or develop your tasting abilities, my workshops are designed to help grow your wine knowledge according to your specific wishes and background. Need help learning how to do great food & wine pairings, surprising your friends on your next wine dinner or managing your wine cellar? I will give you the key to the secrets of the vineyards during a fun while authentic interactive wine workshop. Whether you are wine enthusiast, a student or a professional , I will share with you through my passion and my in- depth experience in our industry of what Bordeaux as to offer in its diversity. Come and join me on this exciting wine journey from the grapes to the glass!

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