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Philippe Defleur

Sommelier conseil et Formateur

marker Région de Pontault-Combault, France
language english, Training courses available in

Formateur accrédité depuis 2014


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The least that can be said is that his career has been remarkable: ex cellar master at the Tour d'Argent, Vernet, reception at the Elysée Palace,… Good humor and communicative dynamism! COACH VINS: http://www.coachvins.info/index.html For the training and animation of Oeno Club, Company Evening, Seminar and Evening with friends. CAVE Coaching For the constitution of the wine list of a Restaurant, Liquid Department in grocery store or Boutique also Build a personalized cellar for individuals The WINE COACH CELLAR To buy wines via the site - https://coachvins.eproshopping.fr you will find a selection of wines, boxes, spirits and accessories there in order to follow my discoveries and thus see more clearly in the world of wine. La Minute Vin The video subscription channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAidK5FGTyP6dH9DMFtXGtg/ Videos to better understand the work of winegrowers, Because Your thirst for learning, Deserves a COACH Philippe Defleur Sommelier Trainer and Consultant info@coachvins.com +33 (0)

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Offrez une expérience "Vins de Bordeaux" à Bordeaux !
Initiations à la dégustation, ateliers ludiques, alliances mets et vins, stages de perfectionnements… Vous êtes sûr(e) de faire plaisir !

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