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MARY Dardenne


marker Région de St Sulpice et Cameyrac, France
language english, Training courses available in french

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A Bordeaux Wine tourism specialist, I was born in Texas, grrew up in Florida and So Cal, and have lived and worked in Bordeaux for over 25 years. I am a graduate of the highly-regarded Bordeaux Oenology faculty’s course at the Institute of Vines and Wine Science. The DUAD (Diplome Universitare d’Aptitude a la Degustation – Tasting Diploma) and an Accredited Bordeaux Tutor, lecturing at the Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux, (Bordeaux Wine School). I also teach wine marketing though tourism at the University INSEEC in Bordeaux at Masters level. On top of all that I am the Medoc Wine Council’s US representative for the wine trade, training sommeliers, wine merchants and distributors in Medoc wines each year. More recently I lectured at several Universities' wine and culinary sections for the Medoc wines. I regularly speak at wine symposiums geared to the trade such as SomCon. Today at Decanter Tours wine tour company, popular with wine clubs and wine savvy individuals, we focus on educating consumers on French wines and in particular Bordeaux.

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