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Insoon Lee


marker Région de Seoul, Corée du Sud
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I am In Soon Lee and Head of LeeInSoon WineLab. I have worked as wine lecturer, consultant and wine writer for more than 21 years. I used to work as Head Lecturer of WSA Wine Academy until 2015. I've got the following qualification and have run WSET programs, and a diversity of many seminars for many wine regions as an official qualified tutor on the behalf of the wine regions like as follows: CIVB Accredited International Bordeaux Wine Educator; BIVB Accredited International Bourgogne Wine Educator; Italian Wine Ambassador qualified by Vinitaly International Academy) ; FWS Certificate; New Zealand Wine official educator. I am a Ph.D. in Hospitality Management, and make lectures at many colleges and I used to run French Wine Master Course at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in Seoul. In addition, in co-orperating with wine importers, and many Wine Boards(CIVB, BIVB, Australia Wine Association, Italian Grandi Marqui, the Spanish Premium Wine Seminar, etc.), I have arranged many informative wine seminars focused on various wine styles and wine producing regions. I have worked as wine columnist for various magazines and daily newspaper, It’s really big pleasure for me to shared my experiences and knowledge with many people via writing wine articles. Also I work as Judge of Korean Alcohol Beverage Awards hosted by Chosun BiZ, a famous online commerce media.

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