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Wei Zhang

marker Région de XI'AN, Chine
language chinese, Training courses available in french

Formateur accrédité depuis 2020


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Since 2008, in Bordeaux, the place of wine pilgrimage, I have successfully completed the French national sommelier professional study with excellent results. Uncovering the mystery of Bordeaux wine, exploring and sharing wine has become the greatest joy of my life. This joy of sharing with friends is unparalleled. After returning to China, in 2013, I was honored to be an International Lecturer of Bordeaux Wine School. I know that this is a testimony to my years of hard work, which means that I will study harder and practice more. Humorous and humorous, through the comparison of Chinese and Western history and culture, it is my favorite little magic weapon in the course of teaching Bordeaux wine lovers. Through continuous accumulation of experience, continue to learn wine-related knowledge. Nowadays, interspersing wine naturally in different business themes is a confident expression of my deep understanding of the charm of Bordeaux wines. My wine creed: "Fun with wine"! Since studying in Bordeaux, I have always had a voice in my heart calling out: to be a wine missionary.

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Initiations à la dégustation, ateliers ludiques, alliances mets et vins, stages de perfectionnements… Vous êtes sûr(e) de faire plaisir !

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