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Guang Hua (Julien) Deng

Director, œnologue

marker Région de Beijing, Chine
language chinese, Training courses available in french

Formateur accrédité depuis 2020


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Julien graduated from University of Bordeaux Institute of Vine and Wine Science and obtained Double Master’s Degree in Oenology and Environment Viti-vinicole. I establish ST JACQUES Wine Technology Consulting to promote and apply advanced wine technology among China wineries. For more than ten year, together with my team, we have been working with numerous winery and vineyard projects launched by CHANGYU and GREATWALL the two giants in China wine industry. Our wine technology consulting footprints almost cover every China wine region. I studied and worked in Bordeaux for five years. The experience was far beyond book learning. As the world wine center, Bordeaux offers advanced development ideas and deep experience accumulation. I always get a lot of inspiration every time I come back here. It’s like a place of my charge station, where I visit and study further. Till today, I have visited hundreds of Bordeaux wineries and the precious experience flourish my life. As CIVB’s authorized lecturer, I promote Bordeaux wine industry’s experience and knowledge in China, letting more people truly learn Bordeaux terroir and culture.

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